The proposed flagship initiative of York’s UNESCO designation is a new international media arts biennale, a Mediale.

Aiming to take place in Autumn 2018, and every two years thereafter, plans for the inaugural festival include major light commissions alongside interactive pavilions and exhibits that utilise the beautiful backdrop of our city like never before. Its 20-day programme will be underpinned by year-long development activity with schools, communities and businesses.


In enabling as many people as possible to experience the transformative power of culture firsthand the aim is to build media arts into everyday life in York and to reposition the profile, ambition, excellence and impact of the UK’s programming in media arts. A commitment to the next generation of talent will be at the heart of the festival as they work alongside leading artists and have the opportunity to tour amongst other UNESCO Creative Cities around the globe.

Building on the city’s proud tradition of social innovation, the Mediale will also be the most accessible festival ever - with access all areas granted to everybody, including technical simultaneous signing, translation, and multi-platform online access.




Above all, the proposed festival is about the city coming together to make a statement about its future. A festival of partnerships, it will take a united York to the world and bring the best of the world to York.

Partnership with the UK Mediale 2018 offers the opportunity to present world-class arts programming, build relationships and international brand awareness, inspire staff and customers, and be a part of an exciting moment in York's history.

Key contact: Tom Higham, Creative Director (mediale@cityofmediaarts.com)