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Creative Careers York High 2019
Creative Careers York High 2019 (4)
Creative Careers York High 2019 (2)
Creative Careers York High 2019 (1)
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Why Choose a Creative Career in York? 

In York, there are over 500 thriving creative and digital businesses.

York also has an enviable number of museums, galleries and arts companies that attract audiences from far and wide. Talented students and graduates from York created many of these companies which contribute so much the success of York. Did you know...

  • Revolution Software is one of the UK’s most successful games software companies, with the classic Broken Sword having reached five episodes and Under a Steel Sky eagerly awaited by gamers worldwide.

  • Viridian FX provides the special effects in blockbuster Hollywood films and independent productions working from studios in the historic heart of York.

  • Many of the world’s biggest sporting events are brought to life by the spectacular technical production of Stage One. Their work for the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony was described as ‘the biggest scene change in history’.

  • An innovative production by Pilot Theatre after school hours at York High became the kernel of a new two-player VR game called Traitor VR. It was screened to great acclaim at the Tribeca Festival in New York in 2019 and is planned for wider release soon.

These companies and many more are always looking for dedicated creatives to join their teams.

Find out how you can get involved with the Media Arts Saturday Club by contacting Nicky.


 Are you 13 - 16? 

 Could your creative talent help you into a rewarding career? 


You can find out by signing up for the UK’s first Media Arts Saturday Club, it's for 13-16-year-olds and is completely FREE! 

The 24 weekly sessions will be led by an expert tutor in a professionally equipped studio at York College.

As well as contact with industry professionals, many from York, you will be able to realise your creative ideas through 2D and 3D visualisation and explore the potential of image processing, animation, motion capture and 3D modelling.


You will visit working studios, attend a masterclass and have the opportunity to have your work exhibited in London. 




Contact Nicky.

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